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A Modern Day Yogini and Teacher

I started the practice of yoga 25 years ago seeking answers, seeking health for my body, seeking a deeper connection to myself, seeking knowledge of how to live in concert with nature. The journey to find myself and to answer these questions has not been easy but it has been stimulating, interesting, challenging and life altering. As anyone who practices yoga knows, it is a practice that connects body, mind and spirit. There is a heightened awareness that comes from becoming still, and an insight into self and others that guides and helps one to make wise, mindful choices and to take positive and meaningful steps forward in life - at least this was the effect that the practice of Yoga has had on my life.
Maya Breuer, Owner and Founder of Santosha School of Yoga

Today, I have a life that honors who I am --a Black woman, mother, grandmother, friend, artist and yoga activist.

The practice of Yoga taught me to slow down and reflect, to take chances and live creatively, to take care of and nourish my body, mind and spirit with the practices of renewal and relaxation. As I have often been quoted as saying, “I came to yoga to live” and today. I now say, "I came to yoga to reconnect and relearn how to live soulfully!"

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